31 May 2018

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           Our business in product Agent. We understand the importance of your business supply and as such we hold an unique one-stop source for customer, To ensure complete operational reliability for every project supply, our package includes startup & commissioning, all after-sales service and backed up by planned maintenance contract

 Aturia Brand                                                                                                        

Submersible Application  Submersible electric pumps,designed to lift water from wells, have replaced vertical axis pumps.By using diversified materials such as bronze, stainless steel                                                                                 

- Surface Appilcation  and in the clean-water industry when large capacities and limited heads are required.As well as for pumping stations, multistage pumps are also used for artificial snowing, reverse osmosis and for more sophisticated services such as boiler feeding                                              

- Process Appilcation    for other special sectors, such as geothermics, reverse osmosis, desalination, off-shore, cryogenic
fluids, ROTOS’ range of pumps is suited to meet any specific application requirement                                                                            

- Fire Fighting Appilcation  can supply an extensive range of centrifugal pumps for fire-fighting services, both with a vertical and a horizontal design. Audoli&Bertola is the only Pump Manufacturer in Europe that was given Factory Mutual’s approval

Taiko Brand                                                                                                          

- Marine Divion    we aggressively cultivate world markets by leveraging state-of-the-art technology that was originally cultivated
through serving the Japanese ship building industry

- Industrial Divion  Positioning dry vacuum pumps at core technology,we will take more inroads into various niche markets

- Electromagnetic Divion  We will make inroad with compact and high performance blowers into leading edge industries, such as medical equipment for one

 Faggiolati Brand

- Submersibile Mixer  The range of our production includes also mixing products: Mixers with multipolar electric motors (4-6-8-10 -12 poles) assembleddirectly to the two blades or three blades propellers designed with a selfcleaning prof le, optimised at high effciency; it is completely casted in st.steel AISI 316 without welding suitable for the mixing and suspension
of slurries, of different types of liquids, specially used in cleaning plants,painting and feeding plants.

- Miscelazione Mixing Mixer-pump equipped with a propeller for the pumping of active slurries in cleaning plants,
in the nitrif cation and denitrating stag

- Aerazione Aeration  frequently used in waste water treatment plants, specially during homogenisation and equalisation, pre-airing stages, biological oxidation stages, oxidation-nitrif cation stages, sludge stabilisation and post-airing stages

- Turbine The turbine has the particularity to always maintain the same direction of rotation, both during the compression phase-rise of the level of water and during the depression-lowering of water level in the water column. This machine allows to avoid the use of valves which rectify the efux of air, with obvious advantages in terms of reliability, effciency and operating costs.


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