Plate Heat Exchanger


22 October 2020

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               Our business in product Agent. We understand the importance of your business supply and as such we hold an unique one-stop source for customer, To ensure complete operational reliability for every project supply, our package includes startup & commissioning, all after-sales service and backed up by planned maintenance contract

APV Brand

- EasyFlow  for media containing fibres or pulp, requiring highest possible recovery without blocking.

- Energy Saving  for processing low-viscosity media. Designed for high thermal efficiency with a very close temperature approach.

- Duo Safety  the DuoSafety system is an early warning system, designed to detect leakages at an early stage and enable the end user to take precautions against intermixing of the fluids.

- DuraFlow   for medium or high viscosity media. Designed for continuous process and long run time

- Daraweld corrugated plates welded inpair . Pairs are separeted by gaskets(welded pair on process side , normal gasket technology on the secondary side)

API Brand

 - Radiotors 

- Change-air cooler

- Oil cooler 

- Engine cooling system

- Remote cooling kits 

- Condenser

- Fan cooled units

- Axle cooler 

- Sand blast grids 

- Shell and tube heat exchanger 

- Plate heat exchanger 



Download - API plate heat exchanger           Download - APV plate heat exchanger

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