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05 February 2018

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             Our business in product Agent. We understand the importance of your business supply and as such we hold an unique one-stop source for customer, To ensure complete operational reliability for every project supply, our package includes startup & commissioning, all after-sales service and backed up by planned maintenance contract

 ASCO Brand

- Polymers (Filter Elements Design)

Cylindrical (wraparound) or pleated , candle filter element design may include one or all the following features

  • Internal hex to facilitate element handling 
  • Antigagaling & wear resistant adapter 
  • Optimised pleating to extend on- staeam life 
  • Internal voloume reducer & streamlined cone to improve flow parameters
  • Internet core support in stainless steel perforated & spriral welded pipe to withstand pressures up to 215 bar
  • Fully welded or with removable media pack 
  • Outguard for madia protection during handing 

- Microfiltration 

The new Asco Filtri product range of microfiltration filter element incorporates filter media specially selected to guarantee the best perfomance for every application 

  • Prefilter ( for liquid or gas) 
  • final Filters ( for liquid sterilisation) 
  • Solvent filtration and air or technical gases sterilisation 




Download - ASCO Filter

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