Air Cooled Condensor/ Air Cooled Heat exchanger


22 October 2020

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 HOLTEC brand 

Feedwater Heaters 

  • Proper distribution of steam 
  • Flawless zone boundary welds
  • Steady condensate  lecels and longitudinal flow 
  • Patented design to ensure dry wall condition at the end of desuperheating zone 
  • Patented design to ensure elimination of flashig in subcooling zone 
  • Propose baffle and support plate spacing to avoid flow induced vibration 
  • Minimize thermal stresses in the internal 

Surface Codensers

  • Proven tube layout to ensure proper steam distribution 
  • Efficient air collection /cooling section 
  • Use of stainless steel non-segmental baffles in air cooling section pressure drop 
  • Modular fabrication to minimize field erection 


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