06 February 2018

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           Our business in product Agent. We understand the importance of your business supply and as such we hold an unique one-stop source for customer, To ensure complete operational reliability for every project supply, our package includes startup & commissioning, all after-sales service and backed up by planned maintenance contract

 Borri Brand

- AC Power supply 

  • UPS 
  • Inverters
  • Static switches
  • Voltage regulation
  • LV distribution panels
  • Frequency conventers

- DC Power supply

  • Rectifires
  • Battery charges 
  • DC/DC converters
  • Distribution panels

- Renewable Energy 

  • Inverters
  • Field switchboards
  • Power Control boxes
  • Supervision system

- Battery 

  • lead acid
  • nickel cadmium


Download - Borri UPS

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