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29 January 2018

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Handling of fibrous airflow makes particular demands on the filter technology .We can serve all these applications by mean of our drum filters and special separators . In comparison with conventional filter systems, their advantages include high-energy efficiency, low maintenance effort and low investment cost in particular

Product Range 

- Drumfilters TFB/C

- Prefilters TVM/VFA 

- VersaDrum filters 

- Cyclones ZSA/ZSB/ZSC

- Fiber compactors FKA/FKC

- Compacting Power Screw CPS/SKP

- Bale Presses

- Air washer , High Pressure ,Air Humidifier

Application in various industrial sector 

Textile , Non-Woven , Wood, Cellulose, Paper, Tobacco, Fibre glass, Hygiene, Automotive industry, Pharmaceutical industry, Surface coating , Powder manufacturing 

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